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Product Description

Fantastico F3 is the leading autoinstaller for webhosting servers. With more than 10.000 installations, it provides more than one million end users the ability to quickly install dozens of the leading open source content management systems into their web space.

The leading NOCs will preinstall Fantastico F3 with every dedicated server being delivered. For a list of the NOCs where you can get a dedicated server with Fantastico F3 preinstalled for free or for a very low fee, see our partners list at the bottom of the page.

License includes free support and regular updates and expires after one year.

Main Features

  • Instant Updates

    Fantastico F3 makes it possible to upgrade as soon as a script update is provided by the script developer. You no longer have to wait for updates from Netenberg.

  • Installation Flexibility

    Install scripts in parked or add on domains or as deep inside your web root directory as you wish. Fantastico F3 even supports split installs where certain data directories are stored in a different location than the main script (for example outside of the domain\'s web root directory) if the script being installed also supports that.

  • Save Bandwidth

    Big server farms will appreciate the fact that you can install Fantastico F3 and all associated files from an internal repository.

  • Open

    A totally open architecture enables every author to make their web applications Fantastico F3-ready. You as server owner will decide which of hundreds and possibly thousands of web applications will be available to your users. You can even make your own organization\'s applications Fantastico F3-ready and put them to the servers of your organization - without intervention from Netenberg.

  • Compatible

    Fantastico F3 can now support other web hosting control panels besides cPanel, thanks to its highly portable and modular code base.

    Currently available:
    – for cPanel servers
    – for Plesk servers
    – for DirectAdmin servers
    – for ISPmanager servers
    – for ISPconfig servers
    – for InterWorx servers
    – for CWP servers
    – for Linux panel-less servers

  • Inventions

    -300+ scripts to choose from.
    -Cloning Tool.
    -Fantastico F3 Core and Scripts belong in separate cycles(Users do not need to wait for a new version of the Core to receive Script updates).
    -CLI installer(for both Fantastico F3 Core and Scripts).
    -Multilingual version and full theming support. Web hosts can now completely retheme Fantastico F3 using Twig ( http://twig.sensiolabs.org/ ), no knowledge of PHP required.

August 28, 2020 — Starting with Fantastico F3 v4.7 released today, bloggers are offered an optional selection of 42 themely.com themes to choose from with every new WordPress installation. Try it now by opening your Fantastico F3, going to WordPress new installation and clicking on "Install a Themely theme"
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