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Product description

Click Be! is a website builder that is simple enough for novices to use and easy for web hosts to maintain.

Click Be! has all the features of a premium site builder. It includes features like: News pages, Links pages, Contact form, Feedback form, Tell-A-Friend link, a Newsletter manager, Guestbook, Image management, Custom pages, a PayPal-enabled shopping cart etc.

Click Be! includes a powerful yet easy to use WYSIWYG editor and automated site backup features.

Click Be! allows you to force your advertisement headers/footers.

Click Be!'s license allows ALL domains on the licensed server to use Click Be!

Click Be! can be administered using most web browsers for Windows, Linux or the Mac (the WYSIWYG editor does not work precisely with Safari.)

Click Be! does not require use of a database -- All data is stored in XML files.

Click Be! does not require a separate login. You log in using the site's main FTP account username and password.

Click Be! can run in demo mode (using a set of acess data other than FTP username/password).

Click Be! includes 65 HIGH QUALITY templates, additional 30 minimum each month (up to 500 templates in total).

Click Be! can be easily translated into any language supported by Unicode.

Click Be! can be branded. You can name the site builder whatever you prefer, add your own images, templates, and languages. There is no link back to Netenberg.

Click Be! web sites can be imported into Soholaunch Pro if you ever need to upgrade to a more advanced web site builder.

Click Be! needs to be installed only once on every server*. You don't need to install files in each account and when you update the main core files will update all websites. (*unless you server runs phpsuexec)